Supplier Spotlight: Producers Rice Ingredients

Flavorful and Gluten-Free Solutions using Rice Flour and Crisp Rice

Rice is growing as a gluten-free alternative to other grains. Gluten-free options are becoming popular with more and more people because of Celiac disease and other health considerations. And there are other advantages as well. Producers Rice Ingredients manufactures a diverse offering of rice products that are utilized by multiple segments of the food industry.

Rice Flour is Lighter and Crispier than Wheat Flour – and Gluten-Free

Rice flour in fried food creates a refreshing alternative that is lighter and crispier than wheat flour, but is still tender. French fries are often coated with rice flour before frying, making them golden and crispy with a satisfying crunch.

Broken kernels of rice are ground into rice flour, also called rice meal. Rice flour makes crispier coatings for baked and fried foods because it doesn’t absorb water as readily as wheat flour. Standard rice flour is its common name. This long grain rice flour has a high amylose content, which forms a stiff gel and provides a crispy texture in extruded and baked products.

Producers Rice Ingredients has a wide variety of flours that are available in different functionality, viscosity and gelatinization temperatures. These products include:
• Rice Flour
• Pre-Gelatinized Rice Flours
• Specialty Rice Flours Blends

These flours work great in a wide variety of products from crackers and chips, to soups and sauces.

Extruded Crisp Rice Provides Crunch
Extruded crisp rice is used in hundreds of different food products. It is a very functional ingredient that provides crunch and bulk, and is often used to replace many high cost ingredients such as nuts and grains. And it’s a great alternative in recipes when gluten-free or food allergies considerations are a concern.

Nutritional bars, ready-to-eat cereals and a variety of baking and snack products are the most common uses for crisp rice.

Crisp rise is available in corrugated tote boxes or woven poly super sacks.

About Producers Rice Ingredients
Producers Rice Ingredients is a full-line supplier of the finest quality rice available. They are a farmers cooperative with over 2,500 farmer members, four rice mills and 12 storage and receiving locations. Producers offers the most efficient distribution channel: direct from the grower to the customer.They ship product worldwide as an industry leader in export, foodservice, retail and industrial rice markets.

With their farmer members growing the safest and most sustainable crop in the world, a lot of care is put into the paddy/rough rice they receive. That care continues as the rice moves through their milling and packaging operations. This attention to detail is why Producers Rice Ingredients has built a reputation for high quality products and exceptional service.

If want to learn more about Producers Rice Ingredients, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for more information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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