The Burley Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers and suppliers by being the most trustworthy, solutions oriented representative in our industry. We continually challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways to bring value to our customers and suppliers. We will service our customers’ needs and concerns as if they are our own, and promote our suppliers’ ingredients and capabilities with the same passion as their owners.

  • Products / Ingredients


    A big part of our success is because some of the most respected and recognized food ingredient companies in the United States trust us to represent their products.

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  • The Blender

    The Blender

    The Blender at Burley Foods provides a variety of opportunities for companies to generate ideas – whether it’s outsourcing prototypes or participating in one of our interactive events.

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  • Testimonials


    Hear representatives from the food ingredient companies we represent share examples of how Burley Foods increases the value of ingredients for our clients.

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  • Burley Blog

    Burley Blog

    Bryan Burley tracks information on the latest trends, market & crop updates, and news items impacting food manufacturing – and then adds his insights..

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Blog Articles

  • 5 Log Validated Kill Step for Fruit Paste from Bedemco

    Despite improvements in production, handling, and distribution of food products in recent years, protecting consumers from foodborne illness is still a challenge. Bedemco’s 5 Log Validated Kill Step for its Fruit Pastes has successfully addressed this challenge.

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  • Vendor Spotlight: Sue Bee Honey

    Sue Bee Honey is the standard that all honey is judged by, whether retail or bulk. The Sioux Honey Assocation CO-OP tests all honey that enters its plant, using one of the leading 3rd party quality assurance companies in the food industry.

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  • Vendor Spotlight: Bascom Maple Farms, Inc.

    Bascom Maple Farms, Inc. produce and sell both organic and conventional maple syrup and - combined - are the largest supplier of maple sugar in the U.S. They also export to over 40 countries, serving as a reliable source to food companies with global manufacturing operations.

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  • Vendor Spotlight: QST INC - Smoke Flavor Division

    Founded in 2000, QST’s reputation for Quality, Service & Trust – focusing on custom blended ingredients - has quickly helped them become the go-to supplier of liquid smoke for a variety of applications. QST smoke products are available in water based, oil based and dry powder mediums that allow food manufacturers the flexibility they require when formulating.

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