LEVEL 1: Front-End Prototyping and Ideation

LEVEL 2: Technician Level Work in Partnership with Customer’s R&D Department

LEVEL 3: Full Briefed Project with Cost Parameters Customer scientist lead

LEVEL 4: Finished Concept Innovations fully costed out, production location located and secured, time to launch established, and brand appropriate

With our wide variety of suppliers, customers are able to use various technologies and are provided with appropriate ingredients.

  • Unlike a flavor company that is only able to use a certain flavor as a solution or a cheese company that puts cheese in every project, Burley has a sizable portfolio with a diversity of unique ingredients.
  • We are able to provide faster response time on information and sample requests versus other outside R&D centers because of a deeper knowledge of our supplier’s ingredient base.
  • A thorough understanding of our supplier’s pricing means confidential information will not be compromised or need to be shared and we can still work within your set cost structure.

What you can expect from your partnership with The Blender
Commercially viable…
…ingredients, solutions and co-packers.

Leverage scientific resources from over 30 suppliers in one place…
… ensuring our bench-top R&D ideas are scalable.

Highly targeted finished product requests…
…for individuals or small groups.

Front-end product development …
…delivered to our customer for consumer testing and scale up.

No “up front” cost to Customers…
…if ingredients from Burley Foods are used in production.  We are in this together, and we profit from your success.

Go-to-market solutions for both product development and production …
…because of Burley’s intimate relationships with our suppliers’ products and processes.

Turn-key and quick-to-market possibilities…
…from our close affiliations with co-packers.

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“Burley did some test bakes at their facility. This allowed the client to hear taster preferences and determine what ingredient was the best one to use.”

Kye PloenVice PresidentQuali Tech

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