Seawind Foods 2017 Fall Crop Report

In the fall crop report from Seawind Foods, they look at the current market for bell peppers and tomatoes, make a brief assessment of how familiar foods affect consumer buying behavior, and look at the conditions within various regions of the globe that they utilize as raw material points.

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Vendor Spotlight: Abbiamo

Abbiamo Pasta
Unique, High Quality Pasta Solutions at a Competitive Price

Abbiamo Pasta is quickly making a name for itself throughout the food industry by adopting to special customer needs, providing quick turn-around, and supporting these benefits with highly responsive customer service and competitive pricing. While a relatively new company, beginning operations in 2013, the team has decades of R&D and production experience with some of the largest food brands in the world.

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Vendor Spotlight: QualiTech

QualiTech – 50 Years of Innovation & Quality
Achieving the highest food ingredients certification from the BRC
for 7 consecutive years

Chaska, MN based QualiTech is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, and its partnership with Burley Foods goes back many years, as well. The two companies regularly collaborate to create new finished food products, and develop culinary and technical solutions for unique challenges facing customers.

An example of this partnership was a customer that experienced processing issues with a filled fried pastry. The filling was bursting out from the crimped pastry edges! Burley’s chefs, and QualiTech’s lab manager used QualiTech’s Flav-R-Grain product to strengthen the dough and the problem was eliminated. Equally important was the fact that the solution required no additional capital expenditures or alterations to processing that impacted operational efficiency. As an added benefit to the customer, Flav-R-Grain is a clean-label naturally sourced ingredient. Read More

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Vendor Spotlight: Seawind Foods

Truly Natural Dried Fruits & Premium Vegetables

Seawind Foods’ unique ability to provide truly natural True NO SO2™ (no sulfur dioxide) dehydrated fruits and conventional or organic premium vegetables evolved over 50 years.

While Seawind is now recognized as one of the leaders in dried fruits and vegetables, it began in 1963 under the name of the Cade Grayson Company. The company prospered and grew into one of the largest US importers and suppliers of dehydrated vegetable ingredients. In 1987, realizing the growing importance of tropical fruits and specialty foods, Seawind International was established as a separate company to better focus on expanding these core products. As demand grew for tropical fruits and vegetables, the company name was updated in 2013 to Seawind Foods to more accurately represent the organization’s core business.

True NO SO2™ low-sweet fruit is Seawind’s premium product. They are evangelistic in their desire to educate the market on the fundamental advantages of their true, all-natural dried fruits. These fruits are low sweetened with cane sugar and never contain unnatural sulfites for preservation.

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Vendor Spotlight: Advanced Ingredients

Making bars, baked goods, confections, meats, frozen entrees and other foods taste better and stay fresh longer – naturally – since 1989

In the 1980s California lead the country in a move toward natural foods. Recognizing the fundamental shift this would mean for the food industry, Advanced Ingredients began researching how to provide 100% natural, gluten free, hypoallergenic products. They were rewarded for their efforts by receiving their first US Patent in 1989.

Over 25 years later, Advanced Ingredients continues helping food manufacturers find solutions to extend shelf life and improve functionality for their products – naturally. They are unique in their ability to provide these benefits without the use of chemicals. This results in greater revenue and profitability.

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Vendor Spotlight: FRANK’S® RedHot® Sauces

FRANK’S® RedHot® sauces are celebrating a 50 year journey from Buffalo to Bombay, Hong Kong & Thailand, providing creative culinary solutions that have moved beyond the classic Buffalo recipe to become a favorite format for global flavor notes

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Vendor Spotlight: Bay Valley Foods

Choose from over 100 standard formulations or create a custom product just for your application

The roots of Bay Valley Foods (formerly known as Dean Specialty Foods) date back to 1862. The business expanded and changed, and over the past 30 years – in addition to becoming one of the largest producers of shelf-stable products – Bay Valley Foods became one of the largest domestic producers of sauces, creaming agents, and non-dairy creamers.

Their popular ingredients – powdered creamers and shortenings, refrigerated non-dairy creamers, cheese sauces and special sauces – are used in a variety of applications.   Read More

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Burley Foods New Supplier Announcement: American Casein Company (AMCO)

Developing and manufacturing functional protein ingredients & polymers for over 50 years

Burley Foods is thrilled to announce that AMERICAN CASEIN COMPANY (AMCO) is joining its growing list of suppliers.  AMCO offers a wide variety of protein ingredients for the food industry, including a complete line of caseinates as well as milk protein concentrates and isolates. Read More

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Burley Foods New Supplier Announcement: Diana Naturals

The best of nature with technological and scientific know-how

Burley Foods is excited to add DIANA NATURALS to its growing list of suppliers. DIANA provides high added value natural ingredients to its customers in the food industry. A natural range of fruit and vegetables are processed into concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces. DIANA offers solutions with both sensorial (taste, color, texture and visual impact) and nutritional benefits (health & food preservation). Read More

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Burley Foods Announces the Addition of Zerega Pasta to its Family of Suppliers

Burley Foods is proud to announce that Zerega Pasta has joined its impressive list of ingredient suppliers. Zerega has been America’s leading maker of custom pastas since 1848, producing over 250 million pounds – and more than 300 varieties – of pasta each year. Much of the pasta is made specifically to meet the unique requirements of their customers. Read More

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