Supplier Spotlight: QST Smoke Flavors

Standard and Custom Blended Natural Liquid Smoke provided with Quality, Service and Trust’

QST’s reputation for Quality, Service & Trust – focusing on custom blended ingredients – has quickly helped them become the go-to supplier of liquid smoke for a variety of applications. Food processors that require anything from a light smoked note, to a heavy smoke accent can rely on QST’s line of smoke and browning agents to provide just the right touch.

Standard and Custom Flavors
QST has one-on-one matches for what is currently on the market and can make adjustments as requested. Variables they can change dilution, concentration and applications. They can also increase and decrease the color and flavor. They also create custom products as needed, creating samples in a short turn-around time. Most products are available in the following wood species: Hardwood, Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Applewood, Beech, Pecan and Oak.

QST’s full line of liquid smoke products include:

Atomizing – QST Smoke Prime (QST# 20-7727)– Prime is formulated to have a robust flavor, that delivers a dark brown color. Not water Soluble

Drench – QST Smoke Elite P (QST# 20-7884)– Elite P is a very versatile drench smoke with the ability to formulate well in low or high solutions. Elite P is formulated for high color and a mild flavor. Water soluble

Brine Addition – QST Smoke BS 2000(QST# 20-9160)– BS 2000 is highly soluble and formulated to mix into brines. BS 2000 can be added at low levels to create a hint of smoke flavor or higher levels to produce a bold, clean smoke flavor.

Wood Derived Browning – QST Smoke WDB (QST# 20-7800)– WDB is derived from the pyrolysis of wood. WDB is used in many applications to produce a variety of colors, with low to no flavor based on the dilution and application rate. WDB when applied prior to a thermal step does not require labeling.

Partially Neutralized Brine Smoke – QST Smoke BS 500 (QST# 20-7714)– BS 500 is designed to mix in brines that require an internal smoke flavor that doesn’t have a negative reaction with nitrites in brines.

Smoke Oil – QST Smoke Oil (QST# 20-7891) – Mild crisp clean smoke flavor in applications that require an oil-based product.

Smoke Oil – QST Smoke 2x double strength Oil (QST# 20-7898) – Robust crisp clean smoked flavor in applications that require an oil-based product.

Gold: QST Gold (QST# 20-8031) – Produced from pyrolyzed dextrose, QST Gold develops color from low to very high with no flavor. This is determined by usage levels, application, time and temperature.

Natural Smoked Sugar – QST Smoke Smoked Sugar– Smoked Sugar is a liquid product where sugar contacts natural smoke as it is processed. Natural Smoked Sugar can be used internally or topically and is not required to be flagged on the finished product label.

Black Smoke – QST Smoke JB Black (QST# 20-8087)– JB Black works well when applied to casings and nets delivering a dark black color. JB Black is water soluble and can also be diluted and used to dip product prior to cooking and develop a dark black color.

QST Seardex – Spray Dryed low moisture powders, available in Hickory, Mesquite and Applewood. Guaranteed to match major competitors products.

Powders – QST Smoke Powders has a full line of smoke flavored powders, plated on a variety of carriers – Salt, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, and Citrus flour are the most popular.

Custom Smoke Products – QST can produce in batches from just a few hundred gallons to thousands of gallons. In our lab we analyze smoke samples and determine which of our product matches the product you currently use. We can also make small lab samples for you to lab test prior to production testing.

An Environmentally Friendly Process Producing a Cleaner, Safer Product
QST’s filtration process for liquid smoke removes undesirable components of smoke, some carcinogenic, to create a liquid smoke product that is safer, cleaner, and healthier than traditional smoke. And it provides the same benefits available from natural smoke:
• imparting flavor
• aiding in cure reaction
• Maillard browning on meat

In the liquid smoke process, non-condensable gases, like methane, are cycled back into the furnace to help produce the heat necessary to burn the sawdust, essentially making it a self-sustaining system.

Call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for more information about QST liquid Smoke to request product samples or schedule a custom demonstration.

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