Suppllier Spotlight: Sioux Honey – Natural and On-Trend

Natural and On-Trend

The Sioux Honey Association was formed in 1921 and is now a co-op of over 150 beekeepers nationwide. Their reputation for quality is well known. They use a rigorous testing process that includes establishing where honey is coming from, the floral source and the geographic location. They pull samples from every single batch of honey, testing it for certain attributes like color, moisture, purity, pollen and more.

Honey from Sioux Honey is more than just high-quality. It’s also on-trend for both flavor and as a natural and clean-label ingredient that consumers are increasingly looking for.

Versatile “Hot” Flavor Trends for Food and Beverages
Sioux Honey can be used it in almost any application. And it’s the perfect addition to take advantage of the Hot & Sweet flavor trend. Their innovative and all-natural flavor infusions to create innovative new recipes include Hot, Vanilla, Lemon and Strawberry.

Sioux Honey’s natural products are positioned to help manufacturers provide the healthy baked products, especially for the cookies consumers are craving. According to research conducted by Technavio and cited in Baking Business cookies are expected to be one of the hottest categories in 2024. And one of the key drivers for the cookies market over the next several years will be the rising demand for healthy cookies. Natural Sioux Honey is the perfect sweetening option for these recipes.

Honey is not just for baking anymore. Sioux Honey is seeing an increasing demand for honey across categories and beverages are one of the biggest growth areas. They’re working with companies to use honey in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Whiskey infused with honey is one of the most popular.

Popular with Consumers
A 2023 report by the National Honey Board found that consumers strongly associate honey with a number of positive qualities that speak to its purity, health, taste, convenience, sustainability.

The report continues, showing statistics that honey especially popular with the “Goodness Seeker” category of consumers. These are people focused on health and wellness through eating healthy nutritious organic foods and exercising regularly. Honey remains Goodness Seekers’ favorite sweetener, with 88% saying it is something everyone would enjoy.

Natural/Clean-Label food products have been increasing in popularity for years. And, for over 100 years, the Sioux Honey Association has produced honey with no additional ingredients or additives, providing a pure premium honey. Their honey is made by honeybees from the flower nectar they gather and transform and store in honeycombs – there are no other ingredients or additives. In addition to being natural, Sioux Honey has numerous other health benefits.

• Organic
• High in Antioxidants
• Non-Allergenic
• No Trans Fat
• Gluten Free
• Sodium Free
• No Fat or Cholesterol

Call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 to find out about all of the Sioux Honey Association’s products, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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