Supplier Spotlight: Del-Val Foods’ SavorMARD™ Tomato-type Flavor Enhancers

100% meat-free and comply with regulations for natural, wholesome, non-GMO, Kosher/Halal and general clean label needs.

Del-Val Foods’ SavorMARD™ Tomato-Type Flavor Enhancers consist of a range of tomato and cooked vegetable-type taste boosters specifically developed to deliver the rich, authentic taste of tomato flavor.

These flavor enhancers can be used as a starting base or to strengthen and additionally provide characterizing taste direction for many tomato or vegetable-based seasonings. Their meat-free, powder-based flavor enhancers add a mouthwatering tomato flavor reminiscent of juicy, stewed, beefy and cooked tomato products. They can be used to enhance the taste of sauces, salsas, dips, soups, snacks, plant-based foods ethnic foods, vegetable beverages, and more.

Key Benefits include:
• Strengthens, intensifies tomato taste
• Adds characterizing tomato impact
• Contributes a mild Umami taste
• Adds rich, full and mouthwatering impact to recipes
• Clean label, “Natural Flavor” declaration
• Domestically manufactured
• 100% meat-free and suitable for vegan and non-vegan formulations
• Provides tomato flavor standardization to off-season, weak, subquality products

Del-Val offers a variety of SavorMARD™ Tomato-Type Flavor Enhancers:

SavorMARD™ V6060 Stewed Tomato-Like Flavoring
• imparts a juicy, stewed tomato-like and Umami taste to a variety of tomato-based foods, beverages, seasonings and flavorings.

SavorMARD™ V6260 Roasted Tomato-Like Flavoring
• provides a cooked, mildly roasted tomato taste and mouthfeel suited to strengthen the tomato taste of salsas, sauces and other tomato-based preparations.

SavorMARD™ V6760 Beefy Tomato-Type Flavoring
• adds a robust beefy/meaty, roasted tomato-like impact to a variety of tomato-based foods, beverages, seasonings and flavorings.

If you want to learn more about Del-Val’s SavorMARD™ Tomato-type Flavor Enhancers, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for additional information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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