STUDY: Allulose Alone Suppresses Glucose and Insulin Responses and Mitigates the Response when Consumed with Sucrose

Anderson Advanced Ingredients, a provider of innovative food, nutraceutical and beverage ingredients, has announced the publication of a study on allSWEET Allulose, a naturally occurring rare sugar.The study, titled “Comparison of Postprandial Glycemic and Insulinemic Response of Allulose when consumed alone or when added to sucrose: A randomized controlled trial” has been published in the Journal of Functional Foods. INQUIS Clinical Research conducted the study with the objective of comparing the glycemic and insulin response to allulose, a naturally occurring monosaccharide and its potential ability to blunt postprandial glucose when consumed with a carbohydrate-containing meal.

The findings demonstrate that when taken alone, allSWEET® does not elicit a glycemic or insulinemic response. In addition, when allSWEET® is added to sucrose it attenuates both the overall and early glucose and insulin responses. allSWEET® may therefore have a beneficial role as a sugar substitute for acute glycemic and insulinemic control.


“allSWEET® is unique in that it is a naturally occurring rare sugar with the same taste and texture of sucrose but does not affect glycemic response and has a negligible energy content,” comments allulose expert Nick Bellissimo, PhD, Toronto Metropolitan University associate professor. “Given reformulation efforts currently underway to reduce the sugars content of food and beverages, allulose may be well positioned to offer significant functional advantages over other ingredients.”

He adds, “The study adds to a growing body of literature on the dampening effects of allulose consumption on glycemic and insulin responses. The results are impressive because allulose does not appear to behave like non-nutritive or low-calorie sweeteners.”

If you want to learn more about allSWEET® allulose from Anderson Advanced, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for additional information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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