New Supplier Announcement: DairyChem Natural Dairy Flavors

Now Including Vegan Options and Clean Label Umami Cheese Flavors

Burley is excited to announce the addition of DairyChem to their list of suppliers. Their 75 years of experience, limitless scope of products and focus on custom applications allows them to be nimble for any R&D effort requiring dairy flavors.

DairyChem’s product categories include
• Butter Flavors
• Cheese Flavors
• Cream Cheese Flavors
• Cream Flavors
• Buttermilk Flavors
• Sour Cream Flavors
• Starter Distillates
• Customized Cheese Flavors
• Blended Natural Dairy Flavors
• Yogurt Flavors
• Milk Flavors
• Specialty Flavors

Vegan Dairy Flavors are DairyChem’s fastest growing segment. They use the same focus on custom development producing cheeses, butter, fat and more. Their products are offered in various forms including liquid, powder, paste, and encapsulated options. DairyChem’s custom vegan flavors provide:
• Excellent flavor and texture
• Ease of preparation
• Pricing stability – resistant to commodity shifts
• Consistent high quality

Umami is created by DairyChem with an enzyme modified cheese flavor. It’s a dairy-derived product used heavily in cheese seasonings, but it also boosts additional flavor profiles. Other products generating umami in cheese flavors typically require MSG & yeast extract to match the same flavor notes. But DairyChem’s enzyme modified process produces a natural flavor that is a clean label solution.

Liquid Cheese Flavors are a relatively new product for DairyChem. They realized that liquid cheese at times had advantages over pastes and powders. Usability is improved in the manufacturing process because it’s much easier to introduce liquid into a solution. This benefit created new uses as well as benefitted existing applications.

If want to learn more about DairyChem’s dairy flavors, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for additional information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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