Burley Supplier Announcement: De Vinco Expands Cooking Wine Options

Burley Supplier, De Vinco Wines, Expands Product Line
renews commitment to supplying wide varieties of cooking wines for food manufacturers

The number of suppliers providing cooking wine in industrial and retail containers continues to shrink. But Burley’s supplier, De Vinco, not only offers a wide variety of cooking wines but is expanding their
product line.

De Vinco now carries new flavors, including salted table wine which offers greater economies than conventional, taxable bottled wine. Cooking wines and salted table wines provide the same wine-rich flavor for less.

Ready-to-use Cooking Wines
• 10% ABV Sauterne
• 10% ABV Chablis
• 12% ABV Chardonnay
• 12% ABV Chablis
• 12% ABV Rice
• 12% ABV Cabernet
• 12% ABV Burgundy
• 14% ABV Marsala
• 12% ABV Champagne
• 17% ABV Sherry
• 19% ABV Rose
• 20% ABV Port

Ready-to-use Salted Table Wines
• 17% ABV Red Table Wine
• 17% ABV White Table Wine

Cooking Wine Concentrates
• 20.9% ABV Sauterne
• 20.9% ABV Burgundy
• 20.9% ABV Chablis
• 20.9% ABV Marsala
• 20.9% ABV Sherry

All products are available in tankers, 55 gallon plastic drums & 330 gallon plastic cage totes.

If want to learn more about De Vinco’s cooking wines, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for additional information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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