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Anderson Advanced Ingredients
partnering to achieve low sugar foods with great taste

The focus for Anderson Advanced is to be on the front lines of every avenue that makes products healthier because that’s what the market demands. Currently consumers are looking for products with reduced sugar without sacrificing good flavor – and Anderson Advanced consistently and successfully achieves this for their clients.

Anderson Advanced is an innovator and provider of the world’s best nutraceutical and functional food ingredients, partnering for over 30 years with manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional food products and beverages worldwide. Their humectants, binders and sweeteners are produced from fruits, vegetables and grains, and offer superior functionality with the assurance that comes from 100% natural, “clean label” products.

Speed to market, responsiveness and flexibility are at the core of their approach to customer service and this philosophy has helped many clients grow from a garage operation to a major production facility. Often this is the result of the Anderson Advanced R&D team being brought in as a resource and partner by clients. Much of their success is credited to the entrepreneurial culture demonstrated by all employees – from management to support staff – making every client feel like they’re the most important.

While it’s commonly known the key to achieving low sugar foods with great taste is to find the right formulation of sugar alternatives and fiber (carbs) – the challenge is to successfully create a flavor profile that matches the full sugar product. With a variety of proprietary sugar and fiber alternatives, the Anderson Advanced R&D team works intimately with each of their clients to make sure the end product provides the benefits and flavors consumers are looking for.

Recently, a leading disrupter in the confectionary world was looking for ways to create reduced-sugar versions of products like gummy bears. Working together, Anderson Advanced and their client were able to lower the sugar content from 12 grams to 3 grams while maintaining the flavor of the original product.

Combining Anderson Advanced sweetening alternatives like allSWEET® or GuoSWEET® with FiberSMART® achieves this goal.

• GuoSWEET® Monk Fruit Extract and Juice Concentrate provides a clean, natural sweet taste that is 200 times the sweetness of sugar. No bitter aftertaste allows for higher usage levels when compared to other sweeteners and lends itself to nearly any application type in food, beverages or bars. Its clean taste profi¬le and labeling make GuoSWEET® an appealing alternative to other natural sweeteners.

• allSWEET® is the only certified non-GMO allulose source. The FDA announced guidance in 2019 that allulose can be excluded from the total and added sugars declarations on the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels when it is used as an ingredient.

• FiberSMART® is an all-natural plant based soluble fiber intended to be used in foods and beverages as a bulking agent, to replace sugars and fats or to supplement nutrition in existing formulations. With greater than 89% dietary fiber by traditional AOAC methodology FiberSMART® can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing taste or texture. As a Non-GMO, Project-Certified ingredient FiberSMART® is a clean label alternative for many traditional foods.

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