Vendor Spotlight – Sioux Honey Association

Sioux Honey Association
The Natural & Healthy Choice for Sweetness

For almost 100 years the Sioux Honey Association has produced honey with no additional ingredients or additives and provided a pure premium honey. Their honey is made by honeybees from the flower nectar they gather and transform and store in honeycombs – there are no other ingredients or additives.

In addition to being natural, Sioux Honey has numerous other health benefits.


• Sioux Honey Association organic honey comes from bees and beekeepers in Brazil, and every ounce is certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) to ensure a truly organic product.

High in Antioxidants

• Several antioxidants, including pinocembrin, pinobanksin, chrysin, galagin, ascorbic acid, catalase and selenium, have been found in honey. Darker honeys with higher moisture content have a stronger antioxidant potential.


• Honey is naturally free of allergens. No allergens are stored or used in Sioux Honey Association Co-op facilities.

No Trans Fat

• Honey is naturally free of trans fatty acids.

Gluten Free

• Honey is naturally free of gluten. It contains no wheat, barley, rye nor oats, nor their by-products. No gluten-containing products are stored or used in our Sioux Honey® facilities.

Sodium Free

• Based on USDA Nutritional Facts, one tablespoon contains less than 1 milligram of sodium, a level which the Food and Drug Administration considers “sodium free.”

No Fat or Cholesterol?

• Honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates.

Call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 to find out about all of Sue Bee’s capabilities, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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