Vendor Spotlight: Abbiamo Pasta

Abbiamo Pasta
Superior Texture, Flavor & Color

Burley Foods’ customers benefit form Abbiamo Pasta’s ability to adapt to special needs and provide quick turn-around while offering highly responsive customer service and competitive pricing. All of this while providing pasta with superior texture, flavor and color.

Abbiamo is a smaller company with a large capacity committed to producing the finest quality consumer food products. Their team has decades of R&D and production experience with some of the largest food brands in the world. They achieve premier product quality by utilizing HACCP and GMP quality management standards and procedures. This fosters a manufacturing and supply chain environment of continuous improvement, food safety and environmental policy.

Some of the unique pasta solutions Abbiamo has developed for its customers include:
• a proprietary recipe for a company that required significantly higher protein levels for their pasta
• a wide variety of pasta shapes new to the market
• thick wall pastas that improve durability, allowing the pasta to withstand more reheating
• thin wall pastas that provide value in quick cook applications

Abbiamo’s commitment to quality is reflected in their manufacturing process. Their pasta is made from high protein semolina flour – typically enriched with B-vitamins and iron. Egg, dried spinach, dried tomato and dried carrots are sometimes added either for additional nutrients or to enhance the color & taste of the pasta.

The semolina is stored in giant silos then transferred through pipes to a mixer where warm water is added to create a dough which is about 30% moisture. The dough is kneaded until it reaches lumpy consistency and is transferred to the extruder where it’s forced through a die and kneaded again into a homogeneous mass

The “wet” pasta passes through a pre-drier and a main drier (high temperature drying) to reduce the moisture to about 12%. The dried pasta is placed in a cooler to equilibrate the temperature before packaging, then it’s transferred to Abbiamo’s warehouse for distribution.

In addition to the Abbiamo teams’ extensive experience, they have a close relationship with a food research group at North Dakota State University. This collaboration results in the development of many new pasta formulations. While most of their pasta is the traditional semolina mix, they are experimenting with using other ingredients like peas and fava beans to boost nutritional profile and texture of the pasta.

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