Murray Industrial Food Sales Transitions to Burley Foods

(March 2019, Minneapolis, MN) Minneapolis-based Burley Foods is excited to announce that Murray Industrial Food Sales, headquartered in Lenexa, KS, is transitioning to become part of the Burley organization. Murray’s owner, Rick Murray, is starting to plan his retirement and sees this as the most seamless opportunity for the company’s customers and suppliers.

“We’re now covering the Kansas City markets,” said Bryan Burley, President of Burley Foods, “connecting much of the Midwest – from Arkansas to Minnesota and from Western Illinois to Colorado.”

To assure successful relationships in the new market, Mike Lasater has been named to manage the territory with the support of the entire Burley team. Mike has 27 years of industry experience, focusing on better performance value using a wide range of specialty ingredients.

Suppliers and customers will benefit from Burley expanding its role as one of the largest independent food ingredient suppliers in the Midwest. They will continue to realize unequaled value from Burley’s combination of experience, internal concept development capabilities, pricing knowledge, and its reputation as a consultant by the most recognizable food manufacturers in the region.

Burley will offer access to its valuable “Blender” concept and innovation kitchen. Two chefs are on staff and will be dedicated to leveraging the products and in-depth knowledge of supplier ingredients, and advising customers on new concepts or on challenges with existing products.

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