Reliable Rice Supply from SAGE V

SAGE V FOODS, LLC. (pronounced Sage Five) has the most complete line of rice products in the industry. Customers realize a steady and reliable supply because SAGE V has close relationships with two of the three largest mills in the southern growing area of the U.S. – which is close to SAGE V’s production facilities. This also provides a price advantage for customers because transit time for raw materials is immediate, reducing shipping costs from the field to the plant. This is a clear edge over competitors that need to bring in their raw materials from other regions or countries.

SAGE V was formed to create innovative new applications for rice and develop new rice products to meet those needs. They have no standard products because all ingredients are formulated to meet the customer’s need (size, density & taste). The company contracts directly with farmers to grow specialty varieties of rice and organic rice. The company is production driven, meaning that they make customer satisfaction and service their highest priority, believing their reputation is the most effective marketing.

SAGE V’s products include
- IQF Rice
- Seasoned IQF Rice
- Instant Rice
- Crisp Rice
- Rice Flour
- Pregelatinized Rice Flours
- Specialty Rice Flour Blends

Their IQF rice and grain products are the highest quality and competitively priced, providing the ability to incorporate them into a wide variety of usages. SAGE V sources a variety of grains – not just the standard long grain white and brown, but also specialty grains like Organic Thai Jasmine, Wild Rice and Black Bulgur. Their processing capabilities allow a wide variety of flavors and seasonings. They can even blend in a wide variety of IQF vegetables and beans.

SAGE V also produces a wide variety of flours that differ in functionality, viscosity and gelatinization temperatures. Their flours work great in a wide variety of products from crackers and chips, to soups and sauces.

Long Grain Rice Flour (commonly known as standard rice flour) is used in cereals, chips, and snacks to provide a crispy texture. It is also used in coating applications and many of the clear coatings currently found on french fries, and in extrusion operations (crisp rice).

Medium Grain Rice Flour may be used in the same applications as long grain flour but provides a lighter texture and a little more expansion when puffed. It is more resistant to starch retrogradation than long grain and therefore is used as a thickener in some high moisture applications.

Pregelatinized Rice Flour comes in 2 forms. RF-GL1080 has less degree of cook and is sheatable. RF-GLX080 has higher water absorption, a higher degree of cook, and tends to be tacky.

Rice Flour Mixes are provided for extruder operations (salt, malt, and sugar for a rice crispy mix). Stabilized bran is mixed with white rice flours to produce brown rice flours. Various rice flours are mixed to provide unique functionality. Custom mixes are available.

Call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 to find out about all of SAGE V’s capabilities, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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