Vendor Spotlight: QST INC – Smoke Flavor Division

QST INC – Smoke Flavor Division
Standard and Custom Blended Natural Liquid Smoke Provided with Quality, Service and Trust

Founded in 2000, QST’s reputation for Quality, Service & Trust – focusing on custom blended ingredients – has quickly helped them become the go-to supplier of liquid smoke for a variety of applications. Food processors that require anything from a light smoked note, to a heavy smoke accent can rely on QST’s line of smoke and browning agents to provide just the right touch. QST smoke products are available in water based, oil based and dry powder mediums that allow the manufacturers the flexibility they require when formulating.

As a privately held company, QST can be more nimble and flexible in its production – this allows them to provide customer service that is difficult for its large competitor to even consider.

From a production consideration, QST is a fully integrated supplier. They are one of only a handful of liquid smoke companies that fully control the process from start to finish. QST sources and burns the wood, then creates the product in their own smoke production facility, and packages it for shipment.

Being a fully integrated producer allows their R&D team to be highly reactive when custom blends are needed. They don’t lock customers into a pre-formulated blend when a specific flavor profile is required.

From a purchasing perspective, QST offers lower minimum order quantities and shorter lead times. This ability allows them to help customers by duplicating and delivering a product when the original source runs out of inventory. In many cases these customers decide to switch to QST as their primary supplier.
While the founders have decades of experience, they also have a plant manager that is the fourth generation of his family to work in the smoke industry. In addition, the QST facility and equipment were designed and manufactured specifically for them by the leading integrator in the industry.

QST’s capabilities match all liquid smoke applications, including drenching, atomization, direct addition, brine addition, browners, oils and dry powder smoke products. So far QST has been able to match the flavor profile of every existing smoke product on the market.

Call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for more information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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