Vendor Spotlight: Nu Life Market

Nu Life Market
Grains, flours, & brans produced under strict food safety protocol in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, and soy free facility.

Nu Life Market is the only completely vertically integrated supplier of sorghum – an ancient grain that is highly nutritious, uses fewer resources than other grains, and is naturally gluten free. They grow, harvest, mill, and package a variety of gluten free sorghum grains into flours, brans, grains, and popped sorghum. All of these products are not only gluten free, but also Non-GMO and free of dairy, peanut and soy as well.

They take extensive measures to assure a product that is free of these elements. The measures include:

• A dedicated Facility that does not allow peanuts, gluten, dairy, or soy products within the production facility and warehouse

• Working with suppliers to guarantee clean, safe ingredients

• Employee education on food allergies, sensitivities, and celiac disease

• Accredited 3rd Party testing of finished products

• Certification through the Gluten Free Certification Organization

Sorghum used in their products is closely monitored throughout the growing and production process through theirr Farm to Family Program

Expertise that is respected and leveraged internationally
Nu Life Market is led by a 4th generation farmer with a background in plant genetics. This expertise led the Kansas Department of Agriculture to select Nu Life Market’s President, Earl Roemer, to participate in a trade mission to South Africa In April, to attend the “Sorghum in the 21st Century Conference”. Roemer was a featured speaker on the topic of grain sorghum use in functional food and beverages. The trade mission served to identify potential new end uses for sorghum which translates to new global opportunities for sorghum farmers and agribusinesses.

Control provides product consistency and customization
The importance of Nu Life Market’s vertical integration was recently reinforced. They received calls from 3 different food manufacturers because they had received contaminated sorghum from other suppliers. It is common for independent sorghum growers the competitors rely on to be less strict about controlling their fields. This means these competitors risk their sorghum becoming victim to crops like soy and wheat that were grown in the same fields in previous seasons. Because Nu Life is growing it themselves – in their own fields – they make sure crops don’t cross.

The Farm-to-Family program developed by Nu life Market carefully watches over and processes all of their foods from the farm until it reaches a family’s table. This assures food manufacturers that their customers are protected because all precautions are taken to prevent potential cross contamination of gluten containing grains. The program is backed by providing both internal and third party gluten analysis. The process involves:

• Field Selection

Each farm selected for planting, must follow a strict set of management guidelines in order to preserve the identity of the gluten free sorghum grain. This program allows our grain to be traced from the fields where they are planted and harvested, to the packaged products offered to our valued customers.

• Grain Production

During harvest and transport our equipment is extensively cleaned and inspected to prevent cross contamination. Our Food Safety Director oversees and documents this process to give us the ability to track production from our fields to the finished products that you are bringing home to your family.

• Milling

Our specialized milling process allows us to mill our flours into a silky, fine particle size which is ideal for gluten free baking. All products are milled and packaged in our dedicated gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, and soy free facility.

• Packaging

We designed our flour packaging to meet your needs at home while extending shelf life. The re-sealable pouch helps to keep flour over time in your kitchen and prevent sunlight from reducing the quality of the flour. All of our products are milled and packaged in our dedicated facilities where we test our finished products prior to shipping to consumers.

In addition, they have their own in-house plant breeding program, allowing them to work with manufacturers to develop unique varieties for specific applications.

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