Vendor Spotlight:Chaucer Freeze Dried Food

Chaucer Freeze Dried Food
Freeze Dried Ingredients – 100% Natural – Endless Possibilities

Chaucer started decades ago as a small, family run bakery based in Kent, England. The family’s commitment to quality quickly gained them a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality food products. The company now delivers these values on a global scale in both conventional and organic forms. Their products include most freeze dried fruits and vegetables and – true to their roots as a bakery – bread products including soup and salad croutons. Chaucer is also innovating with freeze drying super fruits such as dragon fruit, acai, and pomegranate.

Freeze Dried is rapidly being seen as a healthy alternative to more processed ingredients. And many of the world’s leading brands are choosing Chaucer as their Freeze Dried Food supplier because of the lengths they go to protect the quality of their product. This includes the ability to trace their fruits and vegetables back to the farm where they were grown. Freeze dried ingredients are being used more and more in…

Breakfast cereals
Cereal bars
Premium soups
Ready meals
Specialty teas
Premium herbs
Snack foods
Bakery products
Nutritional products

There are a wide variety of reasons for Freeze Dried products increasing popularity:

High vitamin and nutrient retention
Long shelf life at ambient temperature
Large visible pieces that look like the original
A totally authentic flavor.
High intensity natural colors.
Instant or rapid re-hydration in water or milk.
A crispy texture that melts in the mouth.
Clean ingredient declarations.
No added sugar.
No E numbers, additives or carriers.
No preservatives.
Slowly rehydrates in bakery applications.

Chaucer’s reputation for exceptional service, support and innovation is recognized by food manufacturers that especially appreciate the support they receive through the early stages of research and development.

A recent example of the R&D team’s capabilities and responsiveness was with a new customer whose current supplier ran out of a critical product used in manufacturing. While the exact product was not in Chaucer’s portfolio, they had one that was functionally similar. This product provided a temporary solution while Chaucer’s sourcing team found the raw product needed, and the R&D team developed the specific product the client required. This was all accomplished within 4 weeks.

Chaucer has invested heavily to make sure their supply chain is second to none, allowing them to cover all the major food production regions of the world. They have also invested to increase their capacity in the U.S. by doubling the volume of their Oregon plant, and they expect to double it again in the next 2 years.

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