Supplier Spotlight: Kagome

a global leader in sauce creation and production

Over 100 Years of Culinary Passion

Over 100 years ago Ichitaro Kanie, Kagome’s founder, cultivated his first tomatoes and other foreign vegetables in his family plot in Japan. A few short years later, he was producing tomato purees, ketchups and Worcestershire sauces. Kagome was born.

Today Kagome’s purpose is to create and drive culinary trends from seed to table. They have a global footprint, producing sauces using a simple approach–collaboration with growers, partners, and customers.

Their products include:

• Tomato Sauces
• Asian Sauces
• Mexican Sauces and Salsas
• Regional American Sauces, including BBQ and Hot Sauces
• Buttery Spreads
• Dessert Sauces

Kagome plans for some of these sauces to be available in 1 oz to 4 oz pouches before the end if the year.

Persistent. Proactive. Passionate. These are the founding principles of Kagome’s Seed to Table process.

The process includes Planting Seeds Early with customers to work together to develop demand for the customer’s products and – as a result – Kagome’s. They Produce Purposely, using stringent quality controls to create exceptional products. Cultivating Innovations is always a focus—with approximately 7,500 varieties of tomato genetic resources, Kagome can continuously create and expertly crossbreed seedlings to supply a true competitive edge. Farming Fresh Produce is accomplished by partnering with local and experienced farmers. Preserving Flavors is essential and Kagome only sources the best raw materials to ensure the primary and secondary stages of processing produce great tasting ingredients and foods. When the crops are ready, Kagome practices Harvesting Sustainably.

In fact, sustainability and social responsibility are both present and future goals for Kagome because they know their products are rooted in nature and the communities that support them. These goals include:

• Recycle, reuse and reduce waste
• Conserve water, electricity and natural gas
• Shrink carbon footprint, greenhouse gas and non-greenhouse gas emissions
• Source ethically and responsibly
• Support employee, supplier and community programs

If want to learn more about Kagome, call Burley Foods at (952) 943-1970 for more information, to request samples or schedule a demonstration.

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