Vendor Spotlight: Advanced Ingredients

Advanced Ingredients
100% natural, “clean label” humectants, binders and sweeteners

For over 25 years, Advanced Ingredients has helped food manufacturers find solutions to extend shelf life and improve functionality for their products – naturally. They are unique in their ability to provide these benefits without the use of chemicals. This results in greater revenue and profitability.

Advanced Ingredients humectants, binders and sweeteners are produced from fruits, vegetables and grains. They are ideal for food products across the board, offering superior functionality with the assurance that comes from 100% natural, “clean label” products.

These include:

moisturLOK® – controls moisture and extends shelf life. It’s a novel ingredient produced from a proprietary ratio of concentrated fruit juices and grain dextrin originally developed to be used in the place of fats in a wide variety of sweets and baked goods.

  • moisturLOK® is proven to extend the shelf life of food products by as much as three times.
  • By increasing product shelf life, moisturLOK® is shown to reduce the cost of stale product and spoils for some manufacturers by as much as 80%.
  • Through unprecedented moisture control, moisturLOK® consistently improves the overall flavor of food, enhances its texture/softness, and often makes food taste richer.

allSWEET® – is the only certified non-GMO allulose source.

  • The FDA recently announced guidance that allulose can be excluded from the total and added sugars declarations on the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels when it is used as an ingredient.

FiberSMART® – is an all-natural plant based soluble fiber intended to be used in foods and beverages as a bulking agent, to replace sugars and fats, or to supplement nutrition in existing formulations.

  • With greater than 89% dietary fiber by traditional AOAC methodology FiberSMART® can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing taste or texture.
  • As a Non-GMO, Project-Certified ingredient FiberSMART® is a clean label alternative for many traditional foods.
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