Ingredient Consultants?

First of all, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day, to stop by and read the Burley Blog. This is my first crack at writing a blog and I am really excited for the opportunity. My goal is to fill this space with as much “on topic” information as possible.

I will sort through the incredible amount of information I get from suppliers, including timely and concise crop and market updates as soon as I hear about it. I’ll dig through industry periodicals to lay out trends and news items I find of value to the manufacturing segment of the Food Industry.

The whole group at Burley Foods has always done our best to be a trusted resource for our customers and that is the direction we are taking as “Ingredient Consultants”. We are of the opinion that we would rather try and find a good fit for our suppliers’ ingredients, rather than forcing the sale. We truly appreciate our relationships with our customers, and hope that the tools and services we are adding will make your job easier, or help you out by saving time, money, or bringing a new idea forward.

Are there items that you would like to see written about in the Burley Blog? What News is valuable to you? Can you think of additional information I could dig up and deliver to you to save you time? Please email me with any ideas or feedback.

Lastly, as a resource for you to keep up with our Ingredient Suppliers as they roll out new technology, and make changes to their businesses, I will be archiving our “Vendor Spotlight” series on this blog.

Thank you so much and enjoy!!!
Bryan Burley

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