Vendor Spotlight: BENEO


Meeting today’s nutritional demands with naturally sourced  fiber, rice and carbohydrate ingredients

BENEO is the world’s largest supplier of 3 key ingredient groups:
• functional fibers
• specialty rice ingredients
• functional carbohydrates

These ingredients are all on trend for today’s nutritional objectives. They are non-GMO and meet the current clean label requirements. They also offer a legitimate alternative to reduce sugar and fat in recipes without compromising taste, texture or functionality.

BENEO’s business is about contributing to good nutrition, with the ultimate goal of keeping people healthy. As part the Südzucker Group – one of the leading food producers in Europe – they have expertise to ensure products and services enable the development of better human nutrition. To make this knowledge more accessible in the U.S., BENEO is opening an application center in New Jersey (their U.S. Headquarters) in 2018.

Functional Fiber
BENEO’s functional fibers are Inulin and Oligofructose. They improve the balance of the intestinal flora by stimulating beneficial bifidobacteria growth – which is an important element of good digestive health.

These fibers have been proven to support weight management and help the body absorb more calcium for stronger bones. They also support a low glycaemic diet. The European Food Safety Authority has positively evaluated claims that our Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose varieties can be used in foods for reducing the post-prandial glycaemic response.

Their Orafti® Inulin stands out thanks to its texture enhancing benefits. Orafti® Oligofructose is applied when high solubility and a natural sweetness profile are asked for. Some of their Orafti® Inulin varieties combine the best of both.

Specialty Rice
As a worldwide specialist in the exploration and development of rice varieties, BENEO turns them into highly functional starches and flours and highly digestible protein. Their naturally derived specialty rice ingredients improve body and mouthfeel, and give long-time crispiness or creaminess in low-fat foods, free from gluten or lactose.

Their rice starch has a proven track record in many food applications thanks to its clean taste and beneficial impact on texture, ranging from improved creaminess in fat-reduced dairy products, additional crunchiness in gluten-free cookies, and increased crispiness of deep-fried snack products.

The rice protein has high digestibility, excellent amino acid profile and hypo-allergenicity, As a result it is realizing increased usage as a plant based protein source in protein and energy bars, meal replacement mixes, baked goods, baby food and pet food thanks to its

Functional Carbohydrates
Consumers are seeking sources of carbohydrates that can help them manage their diet for both weight and performance reasons. Increasingly they are aware of the role carbohydrates can play in terms of digestibility, caloric value, glycaemic response or their ability to influence the use of fat or glycogen storages. BENEO functional carbohydrates provide these benefits.

Carbohydrates differ quite a lot when it comes to digestibility which has an effect on their role in nutrition, e.g. when it comes to the caloric value, the glycaemic response or the ability to influence the use of fat or glycogen storages, an important fact in sports nutrition. With Isomalt and Palatinose™ BENEO offers two unique and healthy ingredients in the field of functional carbohydrates.

Isomalt is the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar, which gives it a natural taste and sweetness while being kind to teeth. Furthermore Isomalt only has half the calories of beet sugar and offers a very low glycaemic response.

Palatinose™ is the only fully but slowly digestible and low glycaemic carbohydrate. Due to the slow uptake it provides balanced and prolonged energy, reflected by a low and steady blood glucose response curve. Palatinose™ is derived from sucrose and has a very mild natural taste while being kind to teeth.

BENEO is part of the Südzucker Group – one of the leading food producers in Europe. The organization was formed in 2007 by the companies Orafti, Palatinit and Remy and is currently represented in more than 75 countries around the world. They have five production sites, which are located in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Chile ensure that you can always rely on the consistently high quality of our food ingredients and services. Their affiliation with the Südzucker Group enables them to provide extensive nutritional or technological research and development.

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